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This page is mainly for me and other programmers to collect links to good C++ sites and texts.

I gained experience in programming, debugging and optimising C++ code over the last 12 years developing various software packages. I used to program mainly on SGI Irix workstations, but now I am working on Linux. Many of the things I write about are specific to Unix/Linux. Talking about Linux, please feel free to also read the articles I wrote for the Linux magazine (UK) about the Intel Compiler (on Linux) and SSE/SSE2 vectorisation:

I wrote more articles for the German Linux Magazin, but unfortunately they are not available on the web yet. Please check out my publication page for more information.

Profiling and memory debugging

These are important steps in the software development process. For profiling programs, I usually use gprof combined with KProf or Valgrinds Callgrind. In the past I also used Intel's VTune.

Memory debugging is easy with valgrind. See my valgrind page for more details. For debugging at work I use mostly TotalView, but sometimes a gdb -p <pid> & where has to do the job ;-) .

Recently I came to like cppcheck which turned out to be a decent static code analyser.

Interesting texts on external pages

Programming tools & installations

Working mainly in UNIX based environments, I used for many many years now shell scripts, make files, PERL, PHP and Javascript. I used qmake and autotools for the automatic installation of software developed by me. Currently I work with openSUSE Build Service and SuSE Studio to generate automatic RPM packages and Linux distributions.

Of course, developing software requires the use of many further tools. For versioning control, I currently use Perforce but I have also used CVS / subversion and ClearCase in the past.