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My interest in astronomy

Unfortunately I have not (yet) got a proper telescope so I work with images recorded by others or telescopes in space. I am interested in the calibration and processing of deep sky images. It is very different to my work in remote sensing in the field of meteorology, where data signals are plenty, strong and well distributed. In astronomy, noise and signal are much nearer together. I hope in future to show some examples of my processing on these pages.

Processing software & literature

These are the software and books I used to process my astronomical images:

iPad apps

Astronomical viewers

Sources of astronomical data / images

There are many places on the web, where you can get images from the night sky. To process images they should ideally be raw (uncompressed/unprocessed) and in a format which holds additional meta data about the recording of the data. This means that images in web formats, such as JPEG and GIF, are not very useful. That is why I only list sources for FITS data files. FITS is the format used worldwide to store and exchange astronomical data.

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